I Have A Savior O So Kind

I have a Saviour, O, so kind!
My heart is full of praise,
For He doth give me songs at night
And fills with joy my days.
And when some special good He sends,
Some blessing on my way;
I think how like Him to be kind,
And answer when I pray.

‘Tis just like Jesus to answer my pray’r,
‘Tis just like Jesus for my loss to care;
‘Tis just like Jesus my burdens to bear,
And how can I help but love Him.

And when He pours His mercies out
Upon my waiting soul;
I thank Him while a grateful wave
Of love doth o’er me roll.
But that is what I should expect
From such a loving friend;
All I can do is yield Him praise,
For blessings He doth send. [Refrain]

‘Twas just like Him to heal the sick,
To cause the blind to see;
To show His love and mercy t’wards
A poor lost soul like me.
And so, when I am worn with care,
When griefs and fears assail,
I take them to the one whose love
And grace doth never fail. [Refrain]