I Have A Stately Palace

I have a stately palace,
On yonder hill it stands;
Eternal in the heavens,
A home not made by hands.
A pedigree most noble,
Unto the world I bring,
I trace it back to Jesus,
A Christian is a king.

A Christian is a king!
With joyful heart I’ll sing;
In God’s own sight forever,
A Christian is a king.

I own a robe of whiteness,
Of Christ’s pure righteousness;
A retinue of angels
Attend my way to bless.
On earth there’s care and sorrow,
But still my heart will sing,
I’ll trust my loving Father,
A Christian is a king. [Refrain]

A crown have I in glory,
Laid up for me alway,
Within the treasure chamber,
For coronation day,
My name’s engraved upon it,
And heaven’s host will sing,
When I go home to wear it;
A Christian is a king. [Refrain]