I Have A Thought That Fills My Mind

I have a thought that fills my mind,
And fires my heart with fond desire;
That speaks in accents soft and kind,
And lifts my soul to regions higher.

It comes in silence as the light,
And as the light, in silence grows;
It fills my soul with radiance bright,
And o’er my life its beauty throws.

It finds expression day by day,
In words that cheer, and deeds that aid,
It makes me ready to obey,
And bear the tasks upon me laid.

I have a thought that fills my mind;
Ah, wouldst thou know its hidden spring?
No peering eye its source can find,
No ear perceive its whispering.

It springs from love, from love divine;–
O Christ, it is a thought of Thee,
And all the love that made me Thine,
Awakes this thought of love in me.