I Have Been Redeemed From The Power Of S

I have been redeemed from the power of sin,
By the blood of Christ my Lord;
And my soul is filled with that peace this hour,
That the world can ne’er afford.

Oh, I have been redeemed,
I have plung’d beneath the flood;
Oh, I have been redeemed,
By the Saviour’s precious blood.

‘Twas a wondrous change in my soul was wrought,
And I know not how ’twas done;
For I only said, “Lord, to Thee I yield,”
And my load of guilt was gone. [Chorus]

And rejoicing now on my way I go,
Singing praises to the Lamb,
Who has cleansed my heart and redeemed my soul,
And has made me what I am. [Chorus]

Would you know the joy of a soul redeemed,
Weary wand’rer from the fold?
Then to Jesus haste; He will pardon grant,
And the way of life unfold. [Chorus]