I Have Been To The Mountain

I have been to the mountain of joy and delight,
In the sunlight of blessing so free;
With my cup running over the feast had been spread
By the hand of my Lord just for me.
Yes, my Savior was there in the midst of my joy,
Adding sweetness and light all the while;
Though His blessings upon me abundantly fell,
Yet the sweetest of all was His smile.

I have been in the valley of heartache and loss,
Where the dearest of earth passed away;
When the darkness came down, and my heart was o’erwhelmed
With the sadness and toil of the day.
But my Savior was there, bringing comfort and cheer
From the heart of the Father above;
And the flowers of love sprang again in my heart,
But the sweetest of all was his love.

So, in sunshine and shadow, in gain or in loss,
I am happy, whatever may come;
He will walk by my side whatsoever betide,
Till with Him I am safe, safe at home.
Blessed Savior divine, my Redeemer and Friend,
Thou art always my help and my stay;
Whether darkness or light be my portion each hour,
In Thy presence I’ll walk all the way.