I Have Blessings New Like The Morning De

I have blessings new, like the morning dew,
In the way that I walk with my Lord,
And I find each day light upon my way
As I walk in the light of His word.

In the way, with Him-
In the way, with Him-
Blessings new, like the dew,
Fall around me ev’ry day,
In the way with Him.

Thro’ the darkest night I’ve a shining light
In the way that He leadeth me on,
And the shadows dim are so bright in Him
Till the night, with its shadows, is gone. [Refrain]

In the heat of day, in the Master’s way,
He refreshes my soul at the spring
That is never dry, for my Lord is nigh
And He shelters me there with His wing. [Refrain]

When the fight is long ‘gainst the hosts of wrong,
Still I know He will give victory,
So I’ll march along singing vict’ry’s song
In the way that my Lord walks with me. [Refrain]