I Have Cast All My Care On Jesus

I have cast all my care on Jesus,
At the foot of the cross I stand;
And the shadow that falls upon me
Is my guide to the better land.

I am waiting the Master’s summons,
At the foot of the cross I stand,
And no evil can e’er befall me,
While I cling to his guiding hand.

I care not for wealth or honors,
And I heed not the siren’s voice;
For I look to the Lord forever,
In the light of his love rejoice. [Chorus]

I am weak, but his hand shall lead me,
In his strength I can journey on;
With the bread of life he shall feed me;
I shall rest when the goal is won. [Chorus]

When I pass thro’ the dark, dark valley,
I shall fear not the chill or gloom;
For I look to the heights of glory,
To the mansions beyond the tomb. [Chorus]