I Have Chosen To Walk In The Narrow Way

I have chosen to walk in the narrow way,
Which the saints of old once trod;
‘Tis a glorious way for it leads at last,
To a place by the throne of God.

There’s a way within the highway,
A narrow way within the highway,
And by His grace it shall be my way,
This narrow way of holiness.

‘Tis the way of the pure and the sanctified,
“Naught unclean shall o’er it pass;
And the wayfaring man shall not err therein,”
This plain way to holiness. [Chorus]

“And the shouts of the ransomed shall there resound
As to Zion they return;”
Praise the Lord, hallelujah! the way I’ve found,
And to glory am pressing on. [Chorus]