I Have Come From The Darkness To Sunshin

I have come from the darkness to sunshine bright,
Out of shadow to God’s dear love;
There’s a song in my heart ringing day and night,
Like an anthem of praise above.

Precious love that glows like sunshine bright,
Bringing glorious day for darkest night;
Precious love so boundless, full and free,
Christ, my Saviour, has given me.

He has promised to keep me, this glorious Friend,
I will follow my faithful Guide,
Tho’ temptations and trials my way attend,
‘Neath His sheltering wing I’ll hide. [Refrain]

While the joy of His presence my soul doth know,
Tho’ the riches of earth decline,
All my life will be heaven indeed below,
For His wonderful love is mine. [Refrain]