I Have Come Just Now From The Wayside We

I have come just now from the wayside well,
Where the Saviour sat in noontide ray,
And the words of peace from his lips that fell
I shall ne’er forget to my latest day.

I am the fountain of life, said he;
Come unto me, come unto me;
Who drinketh the water that I will give
Shall never, never thirst again.

As I stood and gazed on his earnest face,
How my faith went out to the love divine;
And the wondrous gift of his own free grace
He had kindly brought to a soul like mine. [Refrain]

O the joy that came, when in tears I spoke
Of a wasted life and a heart oppressed;
O the calm, sweet light from his eye that broke,
As he drew me into the ark of rest. [Refrain]

Is there one who longs at his feet to bow?
Is there one who longs of his love to tell?
Will you come, oh, come to the Saviour now?
He is waiting still by the wayside well. [Refrain]