I Have Entered The Valley Of Blessing So

I have entered the valley of blessing so sweet,
And Jesus abides with me there;
And His Spirit and blood make my cleansing complete,
And His perfect love casteth out fear.

O, come to this valley of blessing so sweet,
Where Jesus will fullness bestow,
O, believe, and receive, and confess Him,
That all His salvation may know.

There is peace in the valley of blessing so sweet,
And plenty the land doth impart;
And there’s rest for the weary, worn traveler’s feet.
And there’s joy for the sorrowing heart. [Chorus]

There’s a song in the valley of blessing, so sweet
That angels would fain join the strain,
As with rapturous praises we bow at His feet,
Crying “Worthy the Lamb that was slain.” [Chorus]