I Have Found A Friend Divine And His Sav

I have found a friend divine,
And his saving grace is mine;
When I trusted in his word,
Then I found the Lord.
It is now so sweet to stay
Where he wash’d my sins away,
Where his Spirit fills my soul,
Where he keeps me whole.

Oh, what a resting place!
Oh, what abiding grace!
Down at the cross of Jesus
Where I found the blessed Saviour;
There was the blood applied,
Now I am satisfied;
Oh, hallelujah! praise his name forevermore.

I will evermore abide
Near the Saviour’s wounded side-
Always rest securely there,
In his tender care.
When the storms of life assail,
When distress and grief prevail,
He will fold me to his breast-
Give me joy and rest. [Refrain]

Sinner, there is rest for thee
At the cross of Calvary;
Thy salvation is complete
At the Saviour’s feet.
Come and rest beneath the cross;
Count all else but earthly dross;
Come, ye ruined by the fall,
There is rest for all. [Refrain]