I Have Found A Friend Indeed Who Supplie

I have found a friend indeed,
Who supplies my ev’ry need,
My Savior, precious Savior;
With the eye of faith sublime,
I can see Him all the time,
And He’s with me all the way.

Hallelujah! I am walking with my Savior,
My Savior, precious Savior,
And He keeps me in His perfect love and favor,
And I never have to walk alone.

He has washed me from all sin,
He has made me pure within,
My Savior, precious Savior;
He hath made my spirit whole,
Spoken peace to my poor soul,
And He blesses me each day. [Refrain]

When I have a heavy trial,
He bestows on me a smile,
My Savior, precious Savior;
And I find no other rest,
Like the haven of His breast,
For a present help is He. [Refrain]

He’s prepared a home for me,
Over by the crystal sea,
My Savior, precious Savior;
When life’s fitful dream is o’er,
I will dwell upon that shore,
Thro’ a bright eternity. [Refrain]