I Have Found A Friend Who Will

I have found a Friend who will love me to the end;
I will praise him, praise him, praise him and adore!
Ever at my side, thro’ whatever may betide,
He will keep me, safely keep me evermore!

I will tell the love of Jesus Christ, my Savior,
I will seek the souls of sinners more and more;
‘Tis a story full of love, of kindly favor,
And I’ll tell it, tell it, tell it, o’er and o’er!

Shall I walk alone with the Love so few have known?
No! I’ll tell it, tell it, tell it far and wide!
Sinning souls that stray I will guide into the way,
I will call them ever call them to his side! [Refrain]

‘Tis a story old, ages past its joy have told;
It has conquered, conquered, conquered, thro’ the years;
‘Tis a story new, to each soul that finds it true,
It a living pow’r, a living pow’r appears. [Refrain]

I will walk with him, be his paths or dark or dim,
And I’ll love him, love him, love him more and more!
Till I pass away to the land of endless day,
There I’ll praise him, ever praise him on that shore. [Refrain]