I Have Found A Joy Earth Can Never Give

I have found a joy earth can never give,
Thro’ my Savior’s boundless grace;
And my soul exults as I daily live
In the shining of His face.

In the shining of His face I am living ev’ry day;
In the shining of His face I am happy all the way;
I will sing salvation’s story when I walk with saints in glory,
In the shining of my Savior’s face.

Fairer than the beams of the noonday sun
Is the radiance divine
That illumes my way, when the Holy One
On me looks with smile benign. [Refrain]

O ’tis sweet to dwell in the blessed rays,
Which no cloud can ever dim;
And I lift my voice in my Savior’s praise,
Finding all my light in Him. [Refrain]