I Have Found A Precious Savior Such A

I have found a precious Saviour,
Such a friend so kind and true;
Would that I could lead you to Him,
So that you might love Him too,
I have found a loving Saviour-
Tho’ a mighty King is He-
Daily He will walk beside me,
And my faithful guide will be.

I have found Him, I have found Him,
I have found a precious Saviour kind and true,
I have found Him, I have found Him,
O that you would find the precious Saviour too.

I have found a blessed Saviour,
When with trials I am pressed,
Swiftly brings His grace to strengthen,
And affords me sweetest rest.
I have found my Lord and Master,
He whose service is so sweet;
And my soul is filled with gladness
As I’m kneeling at His feet. [Refrain]

Sinner, listen to the message,
Of salvation full and free;
Jesus now is sweetly calling;
“Sinner, come, oh, come to me.”
Sinner, will you heed the warning,
Ere you find it is too late?
You may knock and long to enter,
But may find a fast closed gate. [Refrain]