I Have Found A Rest Complete

I have found a rest complete
For a weary, troubled soul,
Where the billows of life’s sea
Never o’er the spirit roll;
At the feet of Him who came,
Took our sins, and bore our shame,
At the feet of Jesus slain,
At the feet of Jesus.

At His feet, oh, blessed spot!
His love it changeth not;
And I sit me down and rest
At the feet of Jesus.

Sinners come, there’s room for all,
From thy heavy load be freed;
Come, ye friendless, weary one,
Find a Friend for ev’ry need;
Weary, troubled, and oppressed,
All may find eternal rest
With that Saviour, ever blest,
At the feet of Jesus. [Refrain]

Here is pardon for each sin,
Here is mercy, sure and free;
Hear Him, o’er thy heart’s wild din,
Sweetly calling: “Come to me;”
Come-with all thy sin and fear,
Lay thy ev’ry burden here,
And in joy complete appear
At the feet of Jesus. [Refrain]