I Have Found A Wondrous Savior

I have found a wondrous Saviour,
Jesus Christ, The Soul’s Delight;
Ev’ry blessing of His favor
Fills my heart with hope so bright.

Jesus is the Joy of Living,
He’s the Kng of Life to me;
Unto Him my all I’m giving,
His forevermore to be.
I will do what He commands me,
Anywhere He leads ‘ll go;
Jesus is the Joy of Living,
He’s the dearest Friend I know.

Life is growing rich with beauty,
toil has lost its weary strain,
Now a halo crowns each duty,
And I sing a glad refrain. [Chorus]

Heav’nly wisdom He provides me,
Grace to keep my spirit free;
In His own sweet way he guides me
When the path I cannot see. [Chorus]

O what splendor, O what glory,
O what matchless pow’r divine,
Is the Christ of Gospel story,
Christ, the Saviour, who is mine. [Chorus]