I Have Found At Last The Savior

I have found at last the Savior,
Of whom I’ve often heard,
And I have the precious favor,
He has promised in His word:
O the joy that comes to me,
And the pow’r that makes me free,
My soul is filled with praises,
‘Tis the year of Jubilee.

I have promised I would follow,
However rough the way,
Leaving all things of tomorrow,
I will trust Him just today:
For the morning doth appear,
Which will banish ev’ry fear,
I shall see the land of Beulah,
With my eyes undimmed by tears.

Christ is now my sum of pleasure,
Counting all things else but dross,
I have found my richest treasure,
Around the sacred Cross:
My soul is satisfied,
Forever to abide
In Thy cleft, O Rock of Ages,
Where no harm can e’er betide.

Should the world in arms confront me,
Though the host of hell combine,
In His name I’ll win the vict’ry,
His word the conqueror’s sign.
Our Lord forever reigns,
And to His dazzling train,
He has bound the fate of nations,
And His kingdom He’ll maintain.

By and by when war is over,
And the saints are gath’ring home,
In the presence of Jehovah,
Where the pilgrim ne’er shall roam:
My Jesus will be there,
His glory I shall share,
He will introduce my spirit,
To His Father as an heir.