I Have Found The Blessed Savior Adams

I have found the blessed Saviour, and there’s sunlight in my soul,
He hath led me out of darkness into light;
Now I feel His loving presence, and my heart is fill’d with joy,
I am walking now by faith and not by sight.

Walking with the Saviour, day by day,
Walking with the Saviour, rejoicing all the way;
Walking with the Saviour, abiding in His favor,
Walking with the Saviour, I am happy all the day.

All my doubts and fears were vanquish’d when I heard His loving voice,
Saying “child of sorrow, go and sin no more;”
Now I’m telling unto others what a Saviour I have found,
Telling of His great salvation o’er and o’er. [Chorus]

He a mansion is preparing in the New Jerusalem,
For my dwelling, when I reach the other side;
I shall see Him in His beauty and with lov’d ones ’round the throne,
In His presence I shall evermore abide. [Chorus]