I Have Found The Living Fountain

I have found the living fountain
And my soul is satisfied;
I go singing up the mountain,
And my steps shall never slide.

I am on my way to glory
In the land beyond the tide;
He is walking close beside me,
And with Him to safely guide me,
I am on my way to glory!

I have reached the sunny highlands,
And beyond a shining shore
I can see His happy islands,
And their beckoning palms before. [Refrain]

I’ve a cruise that cannot fail me,
And a loaf that will endure;
My good staff shall e’er avail me,
And the trail is safe and sure. [Refrain]

I can hear the life-chimes ringing;
I can see the gates of bliss
On their golden hinges swinging,
I shall not my welcome miss. [Refrain]

In a thousand restful places
I shall sit and sing and pray,
And behold those angel-faces
Sent to cheer me on the way. [Refrain]