I Have Found The Opened Fountain

I have found the opened fountain,
I have plunged beneath the blood,
Flowing from the wounds of Jesus,
Precious, crimson, crystal flood.

I have found it! I have found it!
Found the crystal, healing flood;
Hallelujah! for my cleansing,
There is pow’r in Jesus’ blood!

Rest in Jesus, I have found it!
Oh, the sweet, the heav’nly calm,
That is brooking o’er my spirit
Since I knew the fountain’s balm. [Refrain]

Oh, that day! I’ll ne’er forget it!
When the Holy ghost came in,
To my heart the blood revealing,
That has cleans’d me from all sin. [Refrain]

Now His easy yoke I’m wearing,
And He makes my joy complete,
While I’m learning blessed lessons,
Where He guides my willing feet. [Refrain]

Oh, to tell the world, I’m longing
Of this open, cleansing tide,
That will wash and make all ready
For a place at Jesus’ side. [Refrain]