I Have Found The Rose Of Sharon Ever Pr

I have found the Rose of Sharon,
Ever precious to my heart;
‘Tis the rarest of the flowers,
Never from it would I part.

Jesus is the Rose of Sharon,
None so fair can ever be,
Loveliest of all the flowers,
Dearest in the world to me.

Sweet and precious Rose of Sharon,
To thy name we offer praise;
May thy fadeless bloom and fragrance
Cheer our swiftly passing days. [Refrain]

Make us like the Rose of Sharon,
More like him whose love we know;
May our lies show forth his beauty
In whose image we would grow. [Refrain]

How we love thee, Rose of Sharon!
How thy name we do adore!
We will bloom with thee in heaven
When our life on earth is o’er. [Refrain]