I Have Glorious Tidings Of Jesus

I have glorious tidings of Jesus to tell,
How he unto me hath done all things well.
And I love him for stooping, in sin when I fell,
Where his strong arm of mercy did reach me.

A wonderful Saviour is Jesus,
Cleansing the soul, making it whole;
A wonderful Saviour is Jesus,
I’ve proved he is mighty to save.

I have found that from fear he can freedom bestow,
And over dark sorrow joy’s radiance throw;
As a friend he can cheer one in grief, this I know;
He indeed is a wonderful Saviour.

I am glad that the blessings the Lord gives to me
To all who will ask him are just as free;
In his pity unmeasured he gracious will be
Unto all who will seek his salvation.