I Have Heard A Most Wonderful Story Of J

I have heard a most wonderful story
Of Jesus, the Savior and King;
How He came from the bright realms of glory
Glad news of salvation to bring.

O wonderful, wonderful Savior,
Thy praises with joy we will sing:
For coming on earth to redeem us
We crown Thee forever our King!

With the poor and the lowly He mingled-
Yes, even the vilest of men,
Showing mercy and love as they lingered,
To hear His blest words unto them. [Refrain]

A poor woman was brought to Him helpless,
To be stoned for her sins in the past;
He replied to them, He that is sinless,
By him let the first stone be cast. [Refrain]

See Him weep at a grave in the hour
When tears of anguish are shed;
See Him bursting the tomb by His power,
Saying, Lazarus, come forth from the dead! [Refrain]

Yes, He came to give life to the dying,
To heal all the broken in heart;
And He promised a home where’s no sighing,
And loved ones shall ne’er again part. [Refrain]