I Have Heard Of A River Thats Deep And W

I have heard of a river that’s deep and wide,
I must cross at the end of the day;
Since the Lord made His dwelling within my heart
That fear has been taken away.

For it’s only going home,
Yes, it’s only going home;
By grace I am saved from the fear of death,
For it’s only going home.

I have heard of a “reaper” so grim and gray,
At whose touch shall my spirit be free;
But I know when he enters he shall appear
An angel of light to me. [Refrain]

Tho’ my years may be many, yet life is short,
Tho’ three score years and ten pass away,
I have heard that the angel of death will come
And carry my soul away. [Refrain]

I have nothing to fear when my day is done,
And the shades of the night on me creep,
For my Lord will be near me His grace to give,
My soul He shall safely keep. [Refrain]