I Have Heard Of A Tree A Great Christmas

I have heard of a tree, a great Christmas tree.
It was fixed in yon Bethlehem’s, Bethlehem’s stall.
The blessings of heaven for you and for me,
A Christmas present for all.

There is a package for me on that tree;
A precious token that someone loves me.
Oh yes, I can see on Calvary’s Tree,
That there is a package for me.

There is one I behold in letters of gold,
It hangs on a limb near to, limb near to me.
‘Tis labeled “salvation,” and Jesus, I’m told,
Has bought that package for me. [Refrain]

There is one just above, it’s title is love,
It is marked by a deep crimson, deep crimson stain.
For there it was tied by the Lord when he died,
And glory to his dear name. [Refrain]

Another I see, it must be for me,
The words “I will help you” I, “help you” I read.
While holding his hand, by faith I can stand,
And this is the package I need. [Refrain]

There are many, I’m sure, but just this one more
I speak of above all the, bove all the rest.
It spells “happy home” with God near the throne,
A place where the weary shall rest. [Refrain]