I Have Heard Of The City Beautiful And F

I have heard of the city, beautiful and fair,
Where Jesus reigns for evermore;
I have heard of the mansions He has gone to prepare
For loved ones when this life is o’er.

In the dawning of the morning,
When sorrow’s tears are wiped away,
I will praise Him, ever praise Him,
In the light of that eternal day.

I have heard of the saints of God in white ’round His throne,
Redeemed and saved by love divine;
Where they rest from their labors in the love-light of home,
And in His blessed presence shine. [Refrain]

On that bright, glorious morning I shall look on His face,
Where sin and sorrow come nevermore;
Thro’ His undying love, and His wonderful grace,
I’ll shout His praises o’er and o’er. [Refrain]