I Have Heard The Call Of Jesus And Am On

I have heard the call of Jesus and am on my journey home,
I have left the haunts of sorrow and despair;
I am walking with the righteous and I care no more to roam,
I am seeking now the country bright and fair.

When my name is called in glory I’ll be there,
For the Lord has heard and answered ev’ry pray’r,
And with Him I’ve made it right,
Justified within His sight,
When my name is called in glory I’ll be there.

Earthly charms no longer tempt me, for in Him I stand complete,
And I’m trying to lead others to His side;
All my heavy trials daily He is helping me to meet,
Oh, he is the soul’s true helper, friend and guide. [Refrain]

Leaving earthly cares behind me I am sure to reach the goal,
And from my Redeemer I will never stray;
I am on the way to Beulah, that sweet homeland of the soul,
Where the trials of this life have passed away. [Refrain]