I Have Heard The Still Small Voice

I have heard the still small voice,
Dealing with my inmost soul,
Face to face with life’s great choice
Shall the Saviour make me whole.

I will confess Him, Jesus my Saviour,
Jesus who died for sinners like me;
Why should I doubt and why should I waver?
I will confess Him, my Saviour is He.

He has sought me many years
Tracking me in all my sin
Shed for me His blood and tears
Now He cries; “O let Me in.” [Refrain]

In my soul the fight is on
Satan wants to keep me still
But to him I cry begone!
Jesus now possess my will. [Refrain]

I confess Thee now my Lord.
Thou hast won me by Thy love.
I will now proclaim Thy word
Till with Thee in heav’n above. [Refrain]