I Have Looked And I Live

I have looked and I live, and my happy heart rejoices,
In my life there is peace, such as ne’er was known before;
There’s a song in my soul sun by blessed angel voices,
And it tell of a home far beyond the other shore.

I have looked and I live,
I am happy, oh, so happy in his love,
Not a care do I know,
I am trusting as I go;
“look and live,” “look and live”
Is the message from above.

Ev’ry day I can feel that my faith is growing stronger,
And the cares of my life so much lighter seem to be;
Oh, the pathway to rest is but very little longer,
Then I know that my Savior’s face I’ll see. [Refrain]

Blessed hope ever shine, let the Savior’s invitation,
Spread abroad thro’ the world that the nations all may know
There is life for a look, there is pardon and salvation,
There is peace for the soul that is bound in sin and woe. [Refrain]