I Have Loved Thee Yes I Have Loved Thee

I have loved thee, yes, I’ve loved thee,
With an everlasting love,
All the joy and all the glory
Of My Father’s house above
Could not hold me when I saw thee,
Wretched, helpless, guilty, lost;
Well I weighted the mighty purchase,
Well I counted all the cost.

‘Tis thy love My heart doth yearn for,
That first love thou hadst for me;
All thy heart, thy soul, thy spirit,
For this love I plead with thee.

Would I gather all the Seraphs
From creation’s wide domain;
Would their death obtain thy pardon,
Could their blood thy ransom gain?
Nay, My treasure, I must buy thee;
I must bear thy dreadful load.
I must die beneath thy burden,
Thus to bring thee home to God. [Refrain]

All the torment, sin and mis’ry
That eternally were thine;
Who could suffer, who could bear them,
But the Infinite Divine?
I would tell thee, oh! my loved one,
How they looked and stared on Me,
While the fire of God consumed Me,
As I gave My life for thee. [Refrain]