I Have Never Found Another Friend Like J

I have never found another friend like Jesus;
Such undying love this world has never known;
Altho’ I had sinned, He justified me freely,
and He calls me His beloved and His own.

There is Heaven in my soul today
With Jesus ever with me on my Heav’n-bound way;
For the rainbow of His love
Shines upon me from above,
And there’s Heaven in my soul today.

Filled to overflowing is my cup of blessing,
Walking with my Savior in the narrow way:
“Fairest ‘mong ten thousand” – “Lily of the Valley,”
He is all in all to me my heart can say. [Chorus]

Glory, hallelujah, how my heart keeps singing!
Since I entered Canaan, oh, what joy is mine!
Drinking at the fountain, from His bounty feasting
On the grapes and honey, corn, and milk and wine. [Chorus]

Telling to the world of uttermost salvation;
Freedom from the guilt and from the pow’r of sin,
Preaching to the lost of ev’ry tribe and nation,
We have Heaven here, to go to Heaven in. [Chorus]