I Have Often Been Told Of A Wonderful Co

I have often been told of a wonderful country,
A land that no mortal hath seen,
Where rivers of crystal forever are flowing,
Thro’ fields of perpetual green:
There summer and sun are forever unclouded,
And never there falleth the night
A land where the brightness of flowers are growing,
In gardens eternal and bright.

O wonderful country, home of my Savior,
How I am longing for thee, for thee,
Where never a sorrow or care for the morrow
Shall trouble the blessed and free.

They say in that land is a glorious city,
Whose walls are of jasper and gold,
With glittering streets of most wonderful beauty
And wealth that can never be told:
They say the inhabitants never grow weary,
They never know sorrow or care
That joy without measure and peace everlasting,
Are given the blessed ones there. [Chorus]

I read in the Bible the wonderful story,
How Jesus was nailed on the tree,
And how in the bitterest agony dying,
He opened that country to me:
By faith in His love, and the grace that He gives me,
I look to that country divine,
And know that among the rewords there awaiting,
A robe and a crown shall be mine. [Chorus]