I Have Precious News To Tell

I have precious news to tell, hallelujah!
Christ has come with me to dwell, hallelujah!
By His grace and pow’r divine,
He has chang’d this heart of mine,
And he whispers, “I am Thine,” hallelujah!

Hallelujah! I’m redeem’d!
Oh, so wondrously redeem’d!
I’m rejoicing night and day,
As I walk the narrow way,
For He wash’d my sins away, hallelujah!

It was Christ’s redemption blood, hallelujah!
That restored my soul to God, hallelujah!
He the cleansing stream applied,
Flowing from His wounded side;
I am saved and justified, hallelujah! [Chorus]

I have found a precious friend, hallelujah!
On whose help I can depend, hallelujah!
Since He took my sins away,
He has taught me how to pray,
Hand to do His will each day, hallelujah! [Chorus]