I Have Read Of A City Of Gold Which The

I have read of a city of gold,
Which the Saviour has gone to prepare;
But its glories can never be told,
Till we meet ‘neath its portals so fair.

When I lay my sheaves at His feet,
And I walk up the gold-paved street;
Shall I meet you there?
In the glories to share,
Of that beautiful city of gold.

I have read that its gates are of pearl,
If I’m faithful they’ll swing wide for me;
I shall meet those who’ve gone on before,
And my Saviour with joy I shall see. [Refrain]

There’s a mansion for you and for me,
And a robe that with joy we shall wear;
We’ll be safe in that city of gold,
From the world with its burden of care. [Refrain]