I Have Read Of Men Of Faith

I HAVE read of men of faith
Who have bravely fought till death,
Who now the crown of life are wearing;
Then the thought comes back to me,
Can I not a soldier be,
Like to those martyrs bold and daring?

I’ll gird on the armour and rush to the field,
Determined to conquer, and never to yield;
So the enemy shall know,
Wheresoever I may go,
That am fighting for Jehovah.

I, like them, will take my stand
With the sword of God in hand,
Smiling amid opposing legions;
I the victor’s crown will gain,
And at last go home to reign
In Heaven’s bright and sunny regions.

I will join at once the fight,
Leaning on my Saviour’s might,
He is almighty to deliver;
From my post I will not shrink,
Though of death’s cup I should drink;
Hell to defeat is my endeavour.

Will you not enlist with me,
And a valiant soldier be?
Vain ’tis to waste your time in slumber;
Jesus calls for men of war
Who will fight and ne’er give o’er,
Routing the foe in fear and wonder.