I Have Seen A Mother Weeping

I have seen a mother weeping,
O’er a little pallid face;
I have seen her kiss the forehead,
Seen the last, sad, fond embrace;
I have seen her heavy, heart-sore,
Turning toward her home again;
And I’ve envied her her sadness,
There was much to soothe her pain.

Oh, ’twas rum that spoil’d my darling,
Rum, enthron’d but to destroy;
Drive the monster from the nation,
Then you’ll shout, “We’ve sav’d the boy!”

I have known a mother waiting,
Waiting while the years roll’d by,
Starting from her dreams at midnight,
Waiting, watching eagerly,
For her boy, long lost and wand’ring
In some strange and distant land,
And I’ve tho’t, oh blest the watcher!
Hoping yet to clasp his hand. [Refrain]

I have seen a mother pacing
On the shore where breaks the sea,
Pleading with the stormy waters,
“Give, oh give my boy to me!”
But by waves by far more cruel,
Waves that drowned my sweetest joy,
I am sitting and lamenting,
Oh, ’twas rum that spoiled my boy! [Refrain]

Gaze into the eyes cherubic;
Rain your kisses on his cheek;
Clasp him fondly to your bosom,
Feel the thrill you cannot speak;
Link yourself to God and heaven,
All your mother-love employ,
That your lips may never falter,
Oh, ’twas rum that spoiled my boy! [Refrain]