I Have Something Jesus Gave Me For My Ow

I have something Jesus gave me for my own;
It is something which He sent me from His throne;
It is something which I carry near my heart:
It is safe till Jesus bids me from it part.

In itself it hath no value more than tears;
Tho’ I’m weary as I bear it, I’ve no fears;
It is precious as a token from the Lord,
That His heart-tho’t is as loving as His word.

Like His presence it doth bring me peace divine;
‘Tis his sweet and tender whisper, Thou art mine.
What’s the gift I clasp so closely wouldst thou see?
‘Tis a cross which Christ, my Master sent, to me.

If my human hands had found it, I should grieve;
But my Jesus laid it on me, I believe.
Oh, how sweet it is to bear it as His gift!
While the burden of my treasure Christ doth lift.