I Have Tarried For The Power It Has Co

I have tarried for the pow’r,
It has come, a mighty show’r,
The baptism of the blessed Holy Ghost;
Consecrating all to God,
Fully trusting in the blood,
I’ve been saved unto the uttermost.

Jesus wholly sanctifies me,
From all sin I am set free;
Now I am as happy as can be;
Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

Gone is all carnality,
I am set completely free,
And in Jesus I’m rejoicing night and day;
For He fills and thrills my soul,
And the waves of glory roll,
While I’m walking in the King’s highway. [Chorus]

Does your heart for cleansing yearn?
Let the Holy Spirit burn
All the dross and make you whiter than the snow;
He will sanctify your soul,
Come and take complete control,
Make your life a heav’n on earth below. [Chorus]