I Have Wandered Off From Heaven

I had wandered off from Heaven,
On the mountains cold and gray,
When I heard my Savior calling,
To His lost sheep far away;
How I listened as the tear drops
Coursed adown like falling rain,
While His tender words of promise,
Made my spirit glad again.“Come, oh, come to Me,” said Jesus,
Come and I will give you rest,
I will take away the burden
From the heavy laden breast.
No matter who the wand’rer,
Nor how far he’s gone astray,
Behold, whosoever cometh,
I will comfort him today.I was working in the temple
With the Savior by my side,
Where the multitude assembled,
In its misery and pride;
Glancing upward from my labor
I just caught His distant smile,
“You have placed your work between us,
Come and talk with Me awhile.”Many early friends had left me,
While the vacant room and chair,
Were reminders of the prices
I had paid down to be there;
I was brooding o’er my losses
When the Savior spoke to me,
“You have let your sorrows settle,
Like a cloud ‘tween Me and thee.”Then I saw at once that Jesus
Could be better far than all;
He could lighten up the pathway,
Could surround me like a wall;
He could take the place of loved ones,
Wipe the falling tears away,
Turn my sorrows into laughter,
Change the night-tide into day.
So I heard the Savior calling,
“Come thou weary one away,”
And my answer quickly followed,
“Lord, I’m coming home today”;
Now His loving arms are round me,
And my head is on His breast,
While I catch His faintest whisper,
And my spirit is at rest.