I Hear The Gospels Joyful Sound

I hear the gospel’s joyful sound,
An organ I shall be,
For to sound forth redeeming love,
And sinner’s misery.

Honor’d parents fare you well,
My Jesus doth me call;
I leave you here with God until
I meet you once for all.

With due affections I’ll forsake
My parents and their house,
And to the wilderness betake,
To pay the Lord my vows.

Then thro’ the wilderness I’ll run,
Preaching the gospel free;
O be not anxious for your son,
The Lord will comfort me.

And if through preaching I shall gain
True subjects to my Lord,
‘Twill more than recompense my pain,
To see them love his word.

My soul doth wish Mount Sion well,
What’er becomes of me:
Ther my best friends and kindred dwell,
And there I long to be.