I Hear The Savior Pleading

I hear the Savior pleading, oh, listen to His call!
The blessed invitation, it reaches unto all:
“Oh, come, and I will heal you; oh, come, I’ll make you free.”
Come to Jesus one and all.

Come, come away! Come, come away!
All are in danger, make no delay;
Come, come, oh, come away!

Yes, oh, come, oh, come away!
Come to Jesus one and all.

There is no use of starving, His table’s ever spread;
With precious Bread of Heaven your souls may all be fed;
Yes, all is ready waiting, oh, come, and taste and eat!
Come to Jesus one and all. [Refrain]

Oh, do no longer linger, there is too much at stake,
Begin at once to labor, thy idleness forsake;
For working for the Master is always sure to pay.
Work for Jesus one and all. Refrain]

Oh, what a blessed Savior, so loving and so kind,
To all the poor and needy, the lame, the halt, the blind;
Yes, all mankind’s invited, and there is no excuse.
Come to Jesus one and all. [Refrain]