I Heard A Voice The Sweetest Voice

I heard a voice, the sweetest voice
That ever mortal heard;
O how it made my heart rejoice,
And every feeling stirred!
‘Twas Jesus spoke to me so mild;
He called me to his side,
And said, although with heart defiled,
I might in him confide.

I saw his face, the fairest face
That ever mortal saw;
I longed the Saviour to embrace,
From him new life to draw.
“Come unto me,” he kindly said,
“And I will give thee rest;
The ransom-price I fully paid;
Repent! believe! be blest!”

I felt his love, the strongest love
That mortal ever felt;
O, how it drew my soul above,
And made my hard heart melt!
My burden at his feet I laid,
And knew the joy of heaven,
As in my willing ear he said
The blessed word, “Forgiven!”