I Heard Gods Voice Commanding

I heard God’s voice commanding, “Go up, the land possess,”
And trusting in His grace I followed on;
From Egypt’s cruel bondage and from the wilderness,
From Kadesh into Canaan I have gone.

‘Tis good to live in Canaan, where grapes of Eshcol grow;
‘Tis good to live in Canaan, where milk and honey flow;
‘Tis good to live in Canaan and full salvation know,
I find it’s good to live in Canaan.

The land I’m now exploring and getting farther in,
And tenting toward the highlands every day;
Still farther from the lowlands of unbelief and sin,
From glory unto glory all the way. [Refrain]

This land of peace and plenty is yours by faith to claim;
There’s perfect love and rest from inbred sin;
Its mountain heights possessing through faith in Jesus’ name,
Cross over and the vict’ry life begin. [Refrain]