I Heard It First At Calvarys Hill

I heard it first at Calv’ry’s hill,
The voice that charms my heart,
It bade the stormy winds be still,
And trembling fears depart.
It filled my soul with strange delight,
My Saviour’s pard’ning grace,
Around me shone a glory bright,
The sunshine of his face.

O precious voice, that spoke to me,
Sweet words of peace from Calvary,
Come, wand’rer, hear, where’er thou art,
The voice that charms my heart.

Again I heard like music sweet
The voice that charms my heart,
It drew me nearer to His feet,
And from the world apart.
It spoke to me of “things above,”
And called me upward still,
To learn the wonders of his love,
The blessings of his will. [Refrain]

Then may my ear be trained to know,
The voice that charms my heart,
That I may heed his whispers low,
And from all sin depart.
And when I join the white-robed throng,
Who evermore rejoice,
Far dearer than seraphic song,
Will be my Saviour’s voice. [Refrain]