I Heard My Dying Savior Say

I heard my dying Savior say,
“My life I give for thine;
Thy sin is now all washed away,
And thou art wholly mine,
And thou art wholly mine.”

I pondered o’er each loving word,
They seemed so sweet to me;
I cried, “My Savior and my Lord,
I’ll ever trust in Thee,
I’ll ever trust in Thee.

And then I felt His blood applied,
My inbred sin depart;
My soul was wholly sanctified,
His love filled all my heart,
His love filled all my heart.

He fills me now with perfect peace,
My need He doth supply;
And on His never-changing grace
I can for aye rely,
I can for aye rely.

O Soul, so troubled, sad and worn,
Come, lay thy burden down;
Accept the cross which Christ hath borne,
And thou shalt wear the crown,
And thou shalt wear the crown.