I Hold A Secret Dolly

I hold a secret, dolly,
Just the loveliest surprise!
I really think you know it,
I can see it in your eyes.
I’m going to take your picture;
Do you think you could have guessed?
Now dress up in your Sunday best.

When I say, “My dolly, ready!”
You must sit so still and steady,
Just as quiet as a mousie ever could.
Fold your hands so very neatly,
Smile so very, very sweetly.
Click! it’s taken; and I’m sure it must be good.

Your dress I’ll trim with ruffles
And a daintly sash of blue;
I’ll tie your curls up, dolly,
With a pretty ribbon, too.
With stockings blue, and slippers,
O you’ll look so very fine!
I’m proud to own you, dolly mine. [Refrain]