I Hope To Live Till Jesus Comes

I hope to live till Jesus comes
Back to this earth again,
And catches up His chosen Bride
A thousand years to reign;
But should I die before that time,
I know the empty clay
Shall be caught up to meet the Lord,
And I’ll be there anyway.

O! praise the Lord for this great hope,
That cheers me day by day,
For if I’m not caught up alive
I’ll be there anyway.

It may be at the midnight hour,
The still hush of the night,
While we so soundly sleep in peace,
There bursts the warning light;
It may be in the early morn,
Or at the bright midday,
But tho’ at morning noon and night
I’ll be there anyway. [Refrain]

Some say ’tis all an idle dream,
Some vain delusion rare,
To look for Jesus soon to come,
They say ’tis Satan’s snare,
The Bible said these scoffers would
These very same thing say,
No matter what the world declares
I’ll be there anyway. [Refrain]

So farewell friends if we should part
On earth to meet no more,
I’ll meet you in the skies some day,
When earthly tri’las are o’er,
And should I die before that time,
And you’re alive that day,
Just look for me for I intend
To be there anyway. [Refrain]