I Open Wide The Portals Of My Heart

I open wide the portals of my heart
And bid Thee enter, precious Savior mine,
O enter in, Thy riches to impart,
Blest Son of God, Redeemer, Love divine.

Dwell Thou within and let me own Thee, Lord,
To have Thee near is joy beyond compare;
I feast upon the manna of Thy Word
And taste the sweetness of Thy love in prayer.

If I have Thee, Lord Jesus, I have all:
In trouble solace, courage when I fear;
Strength when I faint and pardon when I fall;
Rest when I’m weary, hope when death is near.

Thou art my sun when clouds encompass me,
My health in sickness and my peace in strife;
In Thee my fount of wealth and joy I see,
My righteousness and my eternal life.

Immanuel, do Thou with me abide
Till I am called to leave this house of clay;
Then let my soul for aye be at Thy side
And see the glory of an endless day.